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Cembalo with two keyboards

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Christian Zell (1683[?]-1763)1728HamburgDiv. wood, ivory, tortoise shell, div. metal and precious metal, div. colours and lacquers, oil and tempera paint, cardboard, paper strips and felt 245,8 x 93,2 x 88 cm

This splendid cembalo with two keyboards was built by the workshop of Christian Zell,’s was made during a period when music flourished in Hamburg. Zell’s instruments are characterised by their richness of sound and lavish artistic design. Lacquered paintings of antique mythological scenes and the fashionable chinoiserie turn the musical instruments into precious pieces of furniture. Wealthy Hamburg music lovers owned these beautiful instruments as a means to display their love of culture. Only three of Christian Zell’s valuable instruments have survived to today.