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A and B Clarinets

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Grenser & Wiesner1820DresdenDiv. wood, horn, brass, twine, iron screws and leather 66,5x3,23 cm (Ø bell 8,4 cm); 68,2x3,1 cm (Ø bell 8,3 cm)

The Grenser family, who were from Dresden, made woodwind instruments for several generations. Their instruments are of superior workmanship, and are also considered the best instruments of the time. In 1753, the workshop’s founder, Carl Augustin Grenser, was appointed instrument maker of the court of the Elector of Saxony, where Leopold Mozart was one of his clients. In 1811, the instrument maker, Samuel Gottfried Wiesner, took over the workshop from the founder’s nephew Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Grenser. After Grenser’s death, Wiesner married his widow in 1813.