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"Maximiliana ou l'exercice illégal de l'astronomie"

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Text by: Ernst Leberecht Tempel, Illustrations by:Max Ernst, published and typography by: "Iliazad"1964Paris28 loose double-sided pages with 34 etchings and 14 “Calligraphy-Pages” by Max Ernst, partialy printed in colour and with aquatint. Etchings supplemented with typographic text by Ernst Leberecht Tempel and the "Cryptography" by Max Ernst43 x 32 x 3 cm

In 1861, the lithographer Ernst Leberecht Tempel (1821-1889), a self-taught astronomer who was often misunderstood, discovered planet No. 65 and named it "Maximiliana". Touched and inspired by Tempel’s fate, Max Ernst (1891–1976) turned the story into an artist’s book. Today, the book is considered his chef-d’oeuvre among his late graphic works. Within the book, Ernst juxtaposes the infinite cosmos with the limits of human existence. The Georgian artist and publisher Iliazd (Ilia Zdanevitch (1894-1975)) contributed the typography. 14 hand drawings originating from this edition are also held in the Art Book Collection of the MKG, as well as 54 proofs in the Graphic Art Collection.