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Decorative Table

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Carl Friedrich Heinrich Plambeck (1814-1879)1851Hamburgjacaranda inlaid with walnut, maple, rosewood and ebony, engraved with brass, pewter, ivory, mother of pearl and various coloured pastesH 72 cm; Ø 134 cm

This Decorative table lavishly inlayed in the style of the Italian Renaissance was created by the Hamburg artist and carpenter Carl Friedrich Plambeck (1814-1879). Decorative furniture of this kind was not intended for use, instead it served as decoration for the homes of the emerging middle-classes. Plambeck was awarded a medal for his work at the first World’s Fair: The Great Exhibition in London in 1851. The subsequent World’s Fairs promoted the development of arts and crafts to a large extent. Often pieces such as Plambeck’s table were acquired directly by arts and crafts museums to serve as historic examples of style of the times.