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Costumes: "Toboggan" B and "Great Technique"

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Lavinia Schulz (1896-1924) and Walter Holdt (1899-1924)ca. 1923Hamburgwire and linenmask: H 63 cm; W 42 cm; suit: L 145 cm

The Toboggan woman is one of a series of 20 full-body costumes created by the dancers Lavinia Schulz and Walter Holdt. From 1919 until 1924 they performed dramatic and tragic, funny but odd dances set to avant-garde music dressed in their exotic costumes. These costumes were also designed and produced by the dancersthese. The notorious arti festivals and revue-theatres of Hamburg were their stage. Financial hardship drove the artist couple to commit suicide in 1924. Their estate, which had been stored in the MKG, remained undiscovered for quite some time. Today their magnum opus is an impressive testament to the time of Expressionism and the development of Modernity in Germany.