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Justaucorps and Waistcoat

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unknownjustaucorps: ca. 1780 Waistcoat: 2nd half 18th centuryEuropejustaucorps: wool, silk lining, buttons: metal embroidery and sequins, waistcoat: silk droguet, linen, silk liningjustaucorps: L 109 cm; waistcoat: L 64 cm

The tightly fitted long coat made of lobster-red wool is part of a suit with knee-length trousers, fashionable throughout Europe until the French Revolution. As it was influenced by the modestly ornate English fashion of the 1780s, its only décor is the striking colour and the originally silver buttons. The high-necked waistcoat from patterned silk is colour-coordinated. Lace jabot and cuffs have been added later.