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Radio-Phono-Combination "Phonosuper SK 4" ("Snow White’s Coffin")

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Hans Gugelot (1920-1965) / Herbert Lindinger / Dieter Rams (*1932)1956Ulmmetal with plastic coating, wood and plexiglassystem: 70 x 44 cm; speaker: 93 x 23 cm

Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot created the corporate identity of the firm Braun AG in the mid-1950s. With their timeless design, they cemented the global reputation of future German product design. Following their motto “Less design is more design,” they conceived iconic modern product designs such as the SK 4, also known as “Snow White’s coffin”. One of the first gadgets of its kind, it combines various functions such as radio, record player, tape player and speaker all in one. It offers top technology with a clearly structured and user-friendly design. The MKG design collection has a particular focus on product design by Braun AG.