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“Donna” Armchair (UP5) with “Bambino” Stool (UP6)

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Designed by Gaetano Pesce (*1939), Produced by Fa. Cassina & Busnelli, Novedrate/Como1969Parispolyurethane foam and nylon-jerseyDonna: 110 x 110 x 120 cm; Bambino: Ø 41 cm

Since the 1960s, Italy has been known as a pioneer of innovative design. An inquisitive approach to new plastic materials of the time led to unusual designs application and design techniques. These designs and application were far from the “good form”, which the label “Made in Germany” largely stood for. Gaetano Pesce’s "Donna con bambino" (ital., "Woman With Child") revolutionised the classic upholstered chair and ottoman. These pieces are made entirely from polyurethane and do not need frames. It’s The form of the chair is reminiscent of the curves of the female body, thus, is an sarcastic comment on a woman’s role, which offers a new definition of the seat.