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Ceramic Beaker in the So-Called Hacilar Style

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6th millenium B. C.AnatoliaClayH 13,4 cm

This hand-moulded, thin-walled vessel is characterised by its spherical body and cylindrical neck. Around the curve of the vessel there are four knobs. The red-brown garland-like decoration on light background that runs around the vessel are typical of the Hacilar Style. The name of the style is derived from the main location where this type of ceramic has been found: Hacilar. This settlement, located in Anatolia, dates back to the Neolithic era in the late 7th millenium B. C. The lowest levels of the excavation of the settlement did not bear any ceramics. This beaker dates from the second half of the 6th millenium B. C., and is the most ancient object in the whole collection of the MKG.