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Board Game "Sweet Memory"

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Designed by: Jessica Dolny ( *1977) Produced by: Arzberg-Porzellan Manufactory in Schirnding2005Halle (Saale)Hand painted porcelainPlatter: 36,4 x 35,6 cm; Bell-shaped Cups: H 8 cm; D 5 cm

With the assistance of the porcelain manufacturer, Arzberg, the young designer Jessica Dolny, who had graduated from the College of Fine Arts at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, realised “sweet memory” as part of a college project entitled "la dolce vita". For her interpretation of the “sweet life”, Dolny developed a porcelain version of a concentration-game, to be produced on a small scale. A small square playing board with 24 small hollows offers a space for sweets. The sweets are covered by snow-white bell-shaped cups. With each move, a pair of the cups is turned over, thus, the decoration on the inside is displayed. This decoration was derived from cut up patterns the designer found in the Arzberg depot. If the pair match, the player is allowed to eat the sweets. Through this piece, Dolny hoped to reawaken the “old, cool queen porcelain” (J. Dolny) by making objects that are more playful and humorous.