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The Four Seasons / Bacchus as Autumn

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Filippo Parodi (1630-1702) 1700Genoalime wood, giltH 120 cm

Drunken Bacchus, god of wine and embodiment of autumn, is part of a cycle of the four seasons. The small satyr, enjoying grapes, is a playful representation of bacchanalian delirium. The gilt lime wood sculpture had originally been placed in the garden hall or staircase of a North Italian palazzo, together with Flora, representing Spring, Ceres, representing Summer, and Saturn, standing for Winter. Such allegories were highly popular in the Baroque era. The expressive figures by the Genovese artist Filippo Parodi are strongly influenced by the formal language of his teacher from Rome, Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1568-1680). Bacchus’ classical contrapposto has been adopted from the antique sculpture of the Apollo Belvedere.