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Mechanical console/table/chest of drawers

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Abraham Roentgen (1711-1793) 1760Neuwied87 x 136,5 x 66,5 cm

This piece of Rococo furniture by Abraham Roentgen distinguished itself through its functional versatility. Its top can be unfolded twice and adjustable stands allow for fastening the tops at different inclinations. For the writer who prefers to be seated, a leather-covered desktop and a small drawer coming out of the side of the upper drawer have been added. This small drawer has compartments for the inkwell and blotting sand. Mechanical furniture, such as this multifunctional piece, which combines a chest, a lectern and a table in one, was a speciality of the Roentgen-Manufaktur in Neuwied. In the 18th century the workshop was in high demand and had a significant influence on the furniture design of that time.