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Hamburger Sideboard Dish

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Dirich Utermarke (1565-1649)1612-1617Hamburgsilver, wrought, chased, engraved, punched and fire-giltH 54 cm; B 65,5 cm

This sideboard dish is a representative exhibit and an impressive masterpiece of the Hamburger Baroque. Together with a basin and ewer, it was part of a set meant to provide an elegant decoration on a baroque buffet table. The ewer has sadly been lost. The riders depicted on the dish represent the founders of the four world empires of Antiquity: Ninus stands for Babylon, Cyrus Persia, Alexander the Great Greece and Julius Cesar Rome. The depiction refers to an Old Testament prophecy, foretelling the fall of the four great empires of Antiquity and the rise of the eternal Kingdom of God.