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Desk With Mobile Side Part

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Henry van de Velde (1863-1957)1902WeimarTeak with leather and felt with polished brass fittingsH 74-80 cm; W 205,5 cm; D 89,5 cm; Mobile Part: Ø 121 cm

The Belgian artist Henry van de Velde was one of the most influential of the Art Nouveau artists movement. In 1920, van de Velde was given the commission to design and decorate the office of a Lübeck lawyer named Ernst Wittern (1867-1950). This particular desk was a part of Wittern’s chambers. It is the only one of van de Velde’s famous desks, that features a revolving side-part. Through the design and development of this desk, van de Velde came up with the idea of the diplomat desk, a desk that creates a workspace “around the person”. The exclusive furniture van de Velde created for Wittern, was flexible and allowed for the office to be modified according to the individual’s work and space requirements.