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Cover: Louis Gonse, L'art gothique

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Design by: Eugène Grasset (1845–1917), executed by: René Wiener (1855–1939)ca. 1898Nancybookbinding with inlaid leather40 x 32 x 6,5 cm

This unique bookbinding was designed by the versatile Eugène Grasset. Grasset was born in Switzerland, later acquired French citizenship and taught for many years in Paris. He was one of the most influential Art Nouveau artists in France, and worked in almost all of the aspects of applied arts. René Wiener took over his family’s bookshop in Nancy, France, and earned great respect as a bookbinder. His realisation of Grasset’s design resulted in this brightly inlaid Moroccan leather bookbinging, becoming one of the most exceptional of its kind in the École de Nancy.