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Army of Soldiers

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Carl Otto Czeschka (1878-1960)1908 / 1910HamburgTurned, carved and painted beechH 16,2 – 16,5 cm

In 1907, Carl Otto Czeschka, was commissioned to design the set for a Friedrich Hebbel (1813-1863) play entitled "Nibelungen", which was performed at the Raimundstheater in Vienna. Czeschka worked on this project in collaboration with Richard Luksch, the second Viennese Art Nouveau artist to settle in Hamburg. The project failed, however, Czeschka produced one of the most beautifully designed books in the style of Viennese Art Nouveau, as well as these toy soldier figurines after having delved into the subject. The sharp geometric shape of their shields is typical of the Viennese workshop. Oeuvre of a Viennese Art Nouveau artist, Czeschka aimed to design life as a whole: from stage design, which was considered to be like interior design, to toys. Czeschka's costume designs were style-defining and influenced the famous director Fritz Lang (1890-1976), who filmed “Die Nibelungen” in 1924.