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Statuette of the God Osiris

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late 7th century B.C.Aphrati/CretebronzeH 45,5 cm

The god Osiris is presented as a mummy. Such images of gods were placed in the tombs to ensure the sympathy of the respective god for the dead. Osiris is crowned with the Atef-crown, a sign of his reign over Lower and Upper Egypt. He holds the king’s insignia: crook and flail in his hands. They symbolize his reign over the underworld, as he is the judge of the dead and the reborn. Even in the underworld the dead are accountable to him. Osiris was also revered as the god of the Nile, and hence also of vegetation and fertility. Killed and hacked by his brother Seth, Osiris’ body was rejoined and brought back to life by the love of his wife-sister Isis and the help of the god Anubis.