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L'Antiquité Expliquée et Représentée en Figures (10 Volumes)

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Abbé Don Bernard de Montfaucon (1655-1741)1719Pariscopperplate prints with annotations32 x 41 cm (fig.); 43,5 x 51 cm (double page); 45 x 30 x 6 cm (closed)

The Roman emperor Trajan addresses his troops on horseback. This is a scene from a triumphal column, inaugurated in Rome 113 A.D.. It shows a 200 meter long frieze of Trajan’s wars against the Dacian people at the lower Danube from 101 until 102 and from 105 until 106 A. D.. This is just one of the over 1500 plates of this chef d’oeuvre by Montfaucon, which is subdivided into several themes like gods, religion, private life, war and burial. The work was intended as a “paper museum” or a catalogue of an ideal museum, a work of reference and study. Today it has become one of the best sources on the histories of archaeology and collecting.