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Omnibus Volume Hansi Müller-Schorp

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Hansi Müller-Schorp (*1927)14 black and white and colour photographies

Hansi Müller-Schorp obtained her education in the gallery of photographer Willi Moegele, one of the most influential object-photographers in the early Federal Republic. In the 1950s, she becomes one of his closest employees. Her carefully arranged and illuminated photographs coin the appearances of big companies like Arzberg or Schönwald and thereby influence the objective aesthetic of the German industrial design in the postwar period. Besides the commercial work, Müller-Schorp uses brands of big companies to realize freelance works. In her photographs, she lets the objects and their shadows melt into black-and-white graphics. Stacked and stringed, with the help of lighting, the repetition productions are almost entirely abstracted to levitating geometrical objects. In her experiments, Hansi Müller-Schorp disengages herself from a concrete object. For this purpose, she employs multiple illuminations, motion blurs and the possibilities of the dark room.