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Kettle with Four Bulls-Head Handle Attachments

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9th-8th century B.C.uratianBronzeH: 31 cm, Dm: 40,5 cm

This distinguishing masterpiece of early bronze-technic is most likely a sacrificial kettle. Formerly, it was probably placed on a bronze saucer. In their strong stylisation, the four highly distinctive bulls-head handle attachments show the influences of the Assyrians, to whom the Urartu kingdom, which spread out around the Vansee in East Anatolia and South of the Caucasus from the 7th until the 8th century B.C., maintained manifold contacts. Over centuries, this form of bulls’ heads only experiences slight variations, so that it can also be found in the 5th century B.C. in the palace of the Persian Great King in Persopolis (Iran).