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„Artists’ Rights Today“

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Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008)1981 New YorkOffsetlithografie und embossed printing, signed and numbered100,5 x 68,8 cm

The artist Robert Rauschenberg. Born in 1925 in Texas, designed more than 170 posters – frequently with a socio-political message like on the poster “Artists’ Rights Today”. It promotes the so-called subsequent decisions law for artists, who would then be involved in the resale of their works. In 1973, Rauschenberg was witness as one of his works, which he had sold to a collector for 400 dollars 15 years prior, was sold for 200 times the original price. He railed against the collector: “I worked my ass off just for you to make a profit.” This is one of over 100 Rauschenberg-posters donated to the MKG.