We would like to draw your attention to one or two aspects which are an international standard for museum visits, and wish you a pleasant and exciting stay in our museum. We have a visitors’ book in the lobby in which you are very welcome to record any comments or criticism you may have.


There is a cloakroom in the foyer and lockers in the basement, where you can leave your coats, bags, rucksacks and other similar luggage. You are only permitted to take bags up to a size of A 4 (c. 21 x 30 cm) into the exhibition rooms. Please leave your larger luggage at the cloakroom. You can obtain a carrier bag for your valuables free of charge from the cloakroom attendants. The MKG cannot accept any liability for objects deposited in the cloakrooms.

Wheelchair accessibility

On the right next to the Main Entrance there is a lift which will take you up to the lobby. All exhibition rooms are accessible for wheelchair users. The sanitary facilities on the Ground Floor and on the second floor can be reached by means of the lift. Wheelchairs can also be provided free of charge - please approach our staff.

The museum is continuously developing educational programs tailored to people with special needs.

Supervision of Children and Youth

Please be aware that children under the age of 7 are not allowed to visit the museum without parental guidance. Teachers and chaperones of school classes and other youth or children groups need to be present throughout the entire visit and are obliged to supervise the group until they have left the museum.

Photos and Films

Please note that single photos and still photos may only be taken for your own private use. The use of flashes, tripods or selfie-sticks as well as video cameras is not permitted. Photographs, videos or film material may not be reproduced, marketed or sold without the permission of the MKG. Photography in special exhibitions is only permitted in exceptional cases. Please ask our staff for further details. In the case of photos for journalistic purposes, please contact our Presse Office.

Due to circumstances revolving around the COVID-19 virus, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg will be closed to until 30 April.