20 December 2013 until 4 May 2014

With the exhibition “comicleben_comiclife“ the MKG – a leading institution for the applied arts – is focussing on a particularly diverse field of graphic design. Since the previous century the cartoon is recognised as an independent and versatile genre between newspaper, illustration and literature – oscillating between high and pop culture. Since the graphic novel was introduced, the interest in comics is higher than ever before. The exhibition is focussing on this subject in six biographical chapters. It also presents Hamburg as a centre for comics, which plays an important role in Germany. The comic is considered from the point of view of its producers and readers. The exhibition portrays six people, who got involved with comics in different ways. The Serb-German comic artist Marko Djurdjevic represents the American super-hero comics such as Spiderman and co.; the Austrian illustrator Ulli Lust stands for the graphic novel and author’s comics. The German publisher Dirk Rehm represents the alternative publishing scene with its solid European network. The dealer and gallerist Carsten Laqua specialises in early American newspaper comics. The portrait of the famous comic-researcher Prof. Dietrich Grünewald focuses on early forms of the comic, which were role models for the classic American comic (including pictorial broadsheets from the late 19th century and Wilhelm Busch). The costumes and dolls of the cosplayer Nicole S., offer an insight into a fan culture that calls Manga-characters to life, reinacting their stories. More than 300 exhibits will be on view, including drawings, graphic works, large-format prints, comics, merchandising products and web comics. The exhibition is being taken over from the Museum Europäischer Kulturen – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. It was adapted for the Hamburg venue in collaboration with the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg.

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