Summer Vacation


Pop Art? Street Art? Backpack Art! Everyone knows Keith Haring's famous figures from buildings, posters and stickers. Now they are conquering the backpacks of the holiday-kids from the age of 8 years. In our exhibition "Keith Haring. Posters" teenager can seek inspiration from the works of the New York artist for their own designs. Together with their best friends they design their own tote bag for an exciting fall - with the help of our professional designers. You can book your holiday workshop for up to 14 rising artists with the Museumsdienst Hamburg, Tel. +49 (0)40 428 131–0.

Tip: Recommended as a birthday party or creative excursion for your youth group or your after school care!
180 Min: 105 Euro per group in sponsorship, 140 Euro for self-organized groups

Hubertus Wald Kids’ World

A fantasy world, a Garden of Things, where kids can learn in a hands-on way and play through specially conceived scenarios to bring home to them how many different ways there are to design and make things. This is where they can experience for themselves what odd and quirky results the imagination of designers in clothes, furniture, typology or appliances can produce.  In this magical world stretching over 250 square metres, kids from 5 to 12 can try their hand at being designers, architects or artists. They can shape things, invent and build things, take photographs and make cartoon films, dress up or play with shadows. Grown-ups interested in design can also discover unusual and innovative things in our hands-on area, watched over by helpful attendants.

Dig in! Familiy Tour

The population keeps growing – we have more and more people on our planet. Will we have enough food for everyone? In some places right now, people are starving, while in other parts of the world we throw away massive amounts of food daily. How are our relationships between people, animals and the environment? In this exhibition, international artists and designers present visionary ideas and practical solutions for these burning questions. The brochure Family Tour will guide you through the exhibit and suggest ideas for projects like how to build a cool insect radio or a biogas stink bomb. You will also find tips for easy ways of fermenting vegetables and preserving food, without a refrigerator and take a look at rituals that we can celebrate every day. Before you leave, we invite you to share your visions and brilliant ideas for food of the future.

The Dig in! Family Tour brochure is available free of charge at the exhibition. Download here (PDF engl).


Image: © Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg/ Sofia Botvinnik