13 April until 14 October 2018
Mobile Worlds
or The Museum of our Transcultural Present

To play an effective role in society, a museum must always be aware of its responsibilities as a cultural and educational institution and seek dialogue with the public. Viewpoints coming from outside provide important impulses here. In 2015 MKG invited Roger M. Buergel to explore all the diversity of the collection at MKG. The movements of objects, people, and ideas, as well as the associated mixing of cultures in the immigrant nation of Germany, are the subject of the resulting research project Mobile Worlds. On the Migration of Things in Transcultural Societies. Together with the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, and the Erich Kästner School in Hamburg-Farmsen, the project undertook to examine the complex interlinking of object and life worlds brought about by migration in both the past and the present. The working process will culminate in April with the special exhibition Mobile Worlds or The Museum of our Transcultural Society, curated by Roger M. Buergel. As an intervention in the MKG collection, the show represents an attempt to go beyond traditional patterns of thinking and entrenched museum structures in order to reveal the transcultural histories of things and their significance for our society. The curators at MKG will expand on this endeavor by creating satellite presentations for the various areas of the collection. Buergel sees the exhibition in the central galleries of the museum as a medium that not only lays bare the complexity of global interdependence based on the migration of artistic and social forms but which also makes it possible to link things, texts, and images performatively, as if in a three-dimensional collage. This approach has the advantage of shedding light on historical movement curves and social contexts without confining the approximately 80 individual exhibits to a single meaning or interpretation.

Photo: Working sketch by the “researchers of things” (students of the Erich Kästner school redesign the museum), Photo: Esther Pilkington

Working sketch by the “researchers of things” (students of the Erich Kästner school redesign the museum)